DTQ (Diploma Tahfiz Wal Qiraat)

PROGRAMME OVERVIEW Diploma in Tahfiz wal Qiraat A course that focusses on Quran memorization and Qiraat (recognised methods of recitation). LEARNING OBJECTIVES To produce Huffaz (“memorizers” of the Quran, male…

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DSI (Diploma Syariah Islamiyyah)

PROGRAMME OVERVIEW Diploma in Islamic Jurisprudence A course that focuses on Islamic rulings from Quranic verses and Hadith sources. LEARNING OBJECTIVES To produce individuals who are knowledgeable and wise at…

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DIC (Diploma in Islamic Contemporary Sciences)

PROGRAMME OVERVIEW Diploma in Contemporary Islamic Sciences LEARNING OBJECTIVES Integrates Islamic sciences and professional skills by offering Islamic studies courses as the core course and a selection of elective professional…

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