Kini dapat ‘tidur lena’ selepas raih diploma

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Praktikkan ilmu agama menerusi program cuti sekolah

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Kelas hafal Al-Quran kanak-kanak Jamiyah dapat sambutan

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Pendidikan agama penting dalam kehidupan masyarakat

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Lagi pilihan program diploma usaha sama JEC-KUIM

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Pendidikan Sarjana Muda

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Pendidikan Islam Hujung Minggu

Enrolment for weekend madrasah classes in 2018 are open! Contact us at 6478 0475 for more information or email us at More details about the programme are in the…

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  The Little Qari Competition is organised with the purpose of building and strengthening the relationship between the Holy Qur’an and the kids. By the end of the competition, we…

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Learning Quran in 48 Hours & Little Huffaz

LQ48H This programme provides step by step Quran learning with the rules of tajweed, focusing on each student, while correcting their pronunciation and developing their fluency in Quran recitation. The…

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