DIC (Diploma in Islamic Contemporary Sciences)



Diploma in Contemporary Islamic Sciences


  • Integrates Islamic sciences and professional skills by offering Islamic studies courses as the core course and a selection of elective professional courses such as Business administration, Islamic banking and Finance, and Information Technology.

  • Provides a pathway to further Degree studies in universities in Malaysia (e.g. IIUM) and other international universities, or branch out to related academic disciplines.


Upon completion of the Programme, graduates will be able to:-

  • Develop an all-rounded Islamic personality in accordance with Islamic teachings and values.

  • Adopt a professional approach in their jobs and work places.

  • Help contribute towards the betterment of communities.


  • English Language

  • Basic Arabic Language


  • Lectures

  • Tutorials

  • Active learning


  • 3 years

  • 1 module (9 sessions, including examination)


  • Passed the GCE ‘O’ Level exam with minimum of 3 credits or any other equivalent qualifications recognized by the Malaysian Government


  • Monthly fees – SGD 200 / month*

  • Registration fee – SGD 100 *

  • Examination fees – SGD 80 or SGD 60 / semester *

  • Material fee: SGD 80 or SGD 60 / semester *

*excluding 7% GST



Facilities in Jamiyah Education Centre:

  • Amenities for student and alumni

  • Wi-fi zone

  • Financial assistance

  • Library

  • Conducive, air-conditioned classrooms

  • Multi-purpose auditorium


Click DIC to download the Application Form.

Application form can be submitted via email to jec@jamiyah.org.sg



Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

English for Islamic Studies 1

Intro to Science of Da’wah


Intro to Islamic Aqidah

English for Islamic Studies 2

Intermediate Arabic Language

Intro to Science of Al-Quran

Legal Texts of Al-Quran

Islam and Modern Science

Intro to Science of Hadith

Elective 2

Modern Understanding on Sunnah

Intro to Fiqh

Usrah 2

Usrah 4

Intro to Usul Fiqh

Legal Text of Al-Hadith

Advanced Arabic Language

Computer Application

English for Islamic Studies 3

Contemporary Issues in Sunnah Studies

Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi

Biography of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w

Islamic Law and Administration

Usrah 1

Elective 3

Legal Text of Quranic Exegesis

Process Writing

Usrah 3

Ibadah Camp

Basic Arabic Language

English for Academic Purposes

Elective 1

Islamic Law of Transaction

Elective 4



All Lecturers are qualified and registered local asatizah in Singapore.



“The asatizah don’t go through the book structure only but they inject a lot of tarbiah aspect.”  (Muhamad Sharul Bin Abdul Latib, 37 Years Old, Intake 1, Year 3)

“I chose this programme because of the medium of language, English which I’m more comfortable with.” (Mohammad Nur Fiqri Bin Zakariah, 24 Years Old, Intake 2, Year 2)

“As a student of Diploma in Contemporary Islamic Sciences, there were a lot of things that i benefit from this course. Some of the subjects gave me a whole new perspective and experience to me. Throughout the course, I’m able to think out of the box in answering questions and understand it from a different ways. The lecturers that taught us were brilliant at explaining and teaching us that expand in our ways of thinking.” Nadzirah ‘Afifah Binte Samad, 21

“Studying in JEC, in Diploma Contemporary Islamic Sciences, introduces me to a wide variety of Islamic subjects. Such as Islamic banking and Finance, Legal Text of Quranic Exegesis, Biography of Prophet Muhammad SAW and Islamic Law of Transaction. In each module, we were taught by different lecturers that are qualified and registered local asatizah in Singapore which makes it interesting as we get to learn different opinions from different asatizah. It is such a great and beneficial learning experience by the useful content from each module and ‘ilm from great lecturers.”

Iffah Nadiah Binte Mohd Jefree, 23

“DIC has widen my understanding as I learned modules that weren’t in my secular school’s curriculum. Having to acquire the spiritual foundations at home, this course boost my religious knowledge so as to balance with the worldly knowledge. Equipping myself with the right tools and sufficient knowledge will be beneficial for my life in this world and the Hereafter.”
Sakinah Binti Muhammad Saleh, 27